In the last decade, Mozambican rubies have garnered the attention of gemstone dealers, as well as fine and high jewellery suppliers worldwide. They constitute a significant chunk of the rubies sold at some of the most sought- after trade shows in the world. Since their discovery, the total sales of Mozambican rubies has crossed $1 billion, owing to their provenance, colour, intense saturation and strong fluorescence.

Since its presence on the field in Montepuez in 2017, Gemrock has been exploring in both east and west of Gemfields’s MRM license, and today has access to over 589 square kilometres of potential ruby bearing area located within the wedge-shaped Montepuez Complex.

Although Mozambique is a challenging environment, with an able team of experienced employees, Gemrock has managed to develop a stand-alone, successful mining operation in a remarkably short period of time.

Aerial view of the Gemrock site at the Montepuez Ruby district

In the last hundred years, the Montepuez ruby district in northern Mozambique is the largest discovery to have taken place. Gemrock’s licences are in this well-defined ruby-bearing zone, and with initial and follow-up exploration work, the mining areas come with promise of high-quality rubies. Gemrock currently holds nine concessions totalling over 589 square kilometres in the district covering significant sections of the zone. By December 2021, Gemrock had recovered 52,000 mct of fine rubies from a number of bulk sampling pits, all of which are gem-quality rubies.

With his illustrious background and legacy in the colour gemstone space, Rishabh Tongya, Founder, Gemrock, brings immense meritocracy and good leadership to the company.Captivated by the allure of gemstones from a young age, Rishabh has gone to great lengths in understanding and studying gemstones and their distinguished characteristics. A well-known industry figure and the Creative Director of Diacolor, a brand that has become synonymous with high-end, contemporary jewellery, Rishabh also brings with him a vast experience in marketing some of the most coveted gemstones to the discerning buyers.